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Phew! That March 7, 2012 announcement date rumor turned out to be accurate. Apple will indeed be unveiling their next generation iPad in San Francisco next Wednesday, and that will not doubt dominate the news, and our attention, for weeks to come. In the meantime, there’s a lot of other great stuff going on hereabouts…

iPad 3 event


Now that invitations have gone out and the iPad 3 event is official, we went through all the hardware and software rumors we’ve been tracking and put together a monster iPad 3 event preview. Georgia also put together a couple of polls asking for your iPad 3 expectations. Make sure you get your votes in.

While a ton of material has allegedly been leaked already, including what could be a fairly complete outer casing there’s still a lot we don’t know. Especially about the software.

What apps will Apple show off on stage? They’ve done GarageBand and iMovie in the past? What’s left? What will be the big hero features that highlight iPad 3 commercials for the next year? And perhaps one of the biggest questions of all remains unanswered — will it get Siri? A lot of us would love to see it, but there are a lot of challenges Apple will have to overcome to make it a great experience.

All we can do now is sell off our old iPads, watch for last minute rumors, and wait for Wednesday.

Speaking of rumors…


iMore is fairly cautious about posting rumors when we get them. Several times we’ve gotten good stories, sat on them to check and check again, only to see a mainstream publication run the story first. That’s okay. Sometimes it’s better to sure than first. When we do run something it’s because we’ve got a good reason to, so it’s nice when something like the March 7 iPad event date pans out. (Sometimes it’s even hilarious.) Now we’ll just have to see what happens with the quad-core processor we, and several others, heard was on board, the March 30, 2012 released date we heard about last week, and that big micro-dock story, but that’s take until the end of the year.

We link to a lot of other sites’ rumors though, and there have been a ton of iPad 3 stuff lately. Some of you seem to love it — you get angry if we take too long to get them posted here. Others of you don’t seem to care for them very much at all. Our current strategy is to post anything that gets a lot of attention and try to provide some analysis and some context. If it sounds possible, we’ll say so, and if it doesn’t make sense, we’ll tell you that too. If it’s just utterly ridiculous, we’ll err on the side of not posting.

Our job is always and only to serve our readers, viewers, and listeners. If that means helping sort through the deluge of rumors that come up before a major Apple launch, that’s what we’ll do.

Which brings me to what we won’t do.

Linking to Linkbait


Definitions for linkbait vary. Here’s mine — when someone smart posts something incendiary, outlandish, or otherwise asinine in a faux attempt to be controversial and attract negative attention. When it comes to iMore, that means dumb Apple stuff. A lot of big sites and big personalities have been posting dumb Apple stuff lately and it’s really tempting to take the bait and respond, but that just shows them it’s working and encourages them to do it more often.

I love snarky rebuttals, but I can’t read the pull quotes that are being rebutted anymore. Claim chowder takedowns are worth a chuckle but all they ultimately beget are more chowder claims to take down. Whether it’s on websites or Twitter, links to dumb Apple stories only proves their formula and all we end up getting are more dumb Apple stories. There’s so much intelligent, insightful, inspiring commentary being written in the Apple space it’s really disheartening that the dumb stuff seems to be getting so many links. What we really need is an un-link protocol. Absent that, there’s still something we can do.

We’re going to make up for the linkbait we don’t post with high quality, carefully curated links to really good content from really smart people. Like Richard Gaywood’s recent article on TUAW about Retina display Macs, iPads, and HiDPI: Doing the Math that we linked to earlier in the week.

Here are some more:

I don’t agree with all of their opinions either, but when I read thought-provoking ideas, it causes me to question my own preconceptions. Sometimes I change my mind, sometimes I don’t. But either way I’ve gone through a process, sharpened my thoughts, and come to have better opinions.

When I read the dumb stuff, even when I read smart people explaining why it’s dumb, ultimately I still feel dumber. I’d rather focus on the smart stuff.

Speaking of the smart stuff


Those new columns I mentioned last week just keep getting better.

Look for more to come, even if we take a pause this week to cover iPad 3.

Join us on March 7


We’ll be on Ustream Wednesday at 1pm ET/10am PT/6pm GMT during the iPad 3 event with a special edition iPhone Live podcast, and we’ll follow up with a post-game show during our usual 9pm ET/6pm PT/2am GMT. Whether it’s an iPad 3 or it gets another name, whether we see a 1080p Apple TV or a new iPod touch, whether new Time Capsules are in the wings or something completely new, we’ll give it all the commentary, color, and analysis, it can handle. And we’d love for you to join us.

Actual out.


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Editor’s desk: iPad 3 event, rumors and linkbait, latest features

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