Quick review: Apple iPhone 7

The Pros:

Improved front and back cameras – now with optical picture adjustment – convey tremendously enhanced photographs, particularly in low light. Water safe. A speedier processor, in addition to marginally better battery life. More locally available stockpiling than a year ago’s models at a similar cost.

The Cons:

No earphone jack and we need to connect via dongle/compatible headphones. Non-click home button takes getting used to. Just the bigger 7 Plus has the cool double camera. The jet black version is prone to scratches.


The iPhone 7’s worthy camera, battery and water resistance changes are advantageous moves ups to a superior phone outline. Yet think twice as to whether you truly require an overhaul… also, if the Plus may be a expensive decision.

Quick review: iPhone7

Earphone jackless

In spite of living in a, generally, wireless world, I don’t tend to like Bluetooth earphones. Furthermore, I likewise loathe dongles. I’m figuring out how to manage both at this point. Apple’s new AirPods present a defense for how more-progressed Bluetooth smaller than normal headphones could be amusing to bear, and I’ve gotten used to going after them over wired earphones. But to me, nothing is better than a pair of wired earphones for lazy convenience.

Different phones that offer what the iPhone 7 offers don’t appear to need to dispose of an earphone jacks. In any case, perhaps the pattern will develop. The selection of USB-C, an adaptable jack,  has already lead to headphone jacks disappearing in some Android phones. Perhaps we ought to simply prepare for the change.

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