Isabelle Hayeur “Fire With Fire?” Installation


Isabelle Hayeur’s video installation is made out of three rather giant giant screen playing three separate videos of fire starting and growing, and then extinguishing itself over a 15 minute continuous loop.

Located at 112 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, this seemingly anti-social project, bound to get some passerby hearts racing, was actually commisioned by the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad.

West Hastings Street is located in the Downtown Eastside, which is one of the hotspots where Vancouver’s homelesness and poverty issues concentrate. Preceding the 2010 Winter Olympics, the neighborhood was seeing a sort of ressurection, with investments and interests soaring.

I’m not sure if the installation was a way of consuming the misery of the past, with a continuous fire showing the ressiliency of the area, or if instead was a form of protest, because much has been written of the escalation of homeless problems in the area despite growing investments.


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