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Max Mobile Security launched for iOS devices

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Samsung trademarks hint at new devices, lineup


Samsung has trademarked three names with the USPTO, which could signal a few new devices in tow. The “Galaxy Adore”, “Galaxy S Fitness”, and Galaxy V:” (not a typo) have all been registered, and the ‘Galaxy’ naming hints at devices. The patent wasn’t forthcoming with specifics about how or where these names would find use for Samsung, though.

The patent only suggests Samsung will use them for devices, and with such a broad range of offerings, who knows how that will turn out. The “Galaxy S Fitness” sounds as though it would be a flagship wearable (think [#protected_0#], only better), but the Adore has us scratching our heads. It may just be a name Samsung would use for a mid-range smartphone, but that’s just speculation on our part.

The “Galaxy V:” is the really interesting notation here, considering Samsung trademarked the colon as well as the name. Could it be for a new lineup? If Samsung were planning to offer a new range of devices, it would make sense to trademark a colon as well as the name. We’ve not yet heard of any mysterious devices passing the FCC, so it could be a placeholder.

The trademarks may just be that, and used for nothing at this point. Samsung could be readying a few new devices, or even a whole new lineup of devices. We’ll keep these in the back of our mind for another day, when we see unnamed devices from Samsung pop up.

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Samsung trademarks hint at new devices, lineup

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Verizon announces end of life on several devices, you get one last chance to buy em

As we all know, phones can’t stay on shelves forever. OEMs have newer devices they need to start pushing and Verizon need the shelf space to monitor them. Thus, devices reach their end of life where the carrier sells them no longer. A Verizon document presentations that there about half a dozen devices on the reducing block, including the highly rated Samsung Galaxy S III. If you’d rather view it yourself, we put the document at the bottom of the post. a few of the other notables on the chopping block are the Blackberry Curve 9370, the Motorola Droid 4, the Droid RAZR 16GB, and others.
those devices have successors on the way, such as Blackberry 10 and the Galaxy S 4. Others already have it there, like the Droid RAZR HD. there’s nonetheless a small chance to receive these devices in the event you wish them. While Verizon won’t be receiving any more shipments, they do still have the final shipment. So if you’ve always desired one of these devices, then now is your last chance to get them. The huge story here is the Galaxy S III. The world’s best selling smartphone of 2012 seems to be getting an early retirement. As Android Police’s David Ruddock points out, the 32GB variant probably wasn’t all that popular. After all, it did ship with a SD card slot so further memory has been just a couple of bucks away. Now that these phones are on their last leg, is an individual going to be stepping in and getting one earlier than they’re gone forever?

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It’s Sunday night.

Windows is now free for mobile devices under 9 inches, is this the right move for Microsoft?


Today is the first day of Microsoft’s Build conference and that means the company will be sharing plenty of news about the future of Windows and other Microsoft products.

Earlier Microsoft not only revealed it is making several changes to the desktop version of Windows such as finally bringing back the start menu, they also announced plans to allow cross-platform compatibility between Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 modern apps. While both of these changes are pretty crucial, the most massive change Microsoft is introducing is in regards to its pricing structure for Windows.

Microsoft will now let manufacturers install Windows 8.1 and the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 on devices with screens smaller than 9-inches for absolutely free. That means any manufacturer can produce a small-screened Windows tablet or any WP handset without paying a licensing fee for the OS — period.

A completely free OS could really shake things up

I know what you’re thinking, “but Android is already free to use.” That’s a true and valid point, expect for when it isn’t. The truth is that Android as most of us know it isn’t free. First, there’s costs and other terms associated with getting a device Google Play certified, and then there’s also the fact that most device makers pay Microsoft royalty fees in order to use Android – yes really.

Put this all together, and Microsoft’s plan to offer Windows for free makes a great deal of business sense. Basically they are giving manufacturers an alternative to paying the fees associated with using Android, and Microsoft’s recent change that allows certain existing budget devices designed with Android to run Windows Phone will make it even easier for device makers to offer Windows-based alternatives.


But will manufacturers and consumers bite?

Even if Windows is free, manufacturers still need to test and develop devices to utilize it. This costs time and money, and isn’t an investment device makers will take if they don’t think consumer interest is high enough.

Even if more manufacturers do jump into the Windows arena, it doesn’t necessarily mean than consumers will follow suit. On the other hand, the lack of Windows licensing fees could mean that manufacturers might be willing to offer these products at lower costs than comparable Android-powered devices, which could be enough to win over the hearts of some consumers. 

What the move means for Microsoft

Up until now, Microsoft has directly profited from selling licenses of its operating system to mobile devices makers. Obviously giving away Windows for free changes up their existing business model quite a bit, it also means that Microsoft will need to rely on Windows Store and other services in order to make up for the lost income from licensing fees.

Although it remains unseen if Microsoft’s plan will work, if it does, it could mean a major boost in marketshare for Windows on mobile devices. What do you think, is this a wise move on Microsoft’s part, or just a desperate one? Will it make any real difference on Windows adoption in your opinion?


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Samsung introduces “Smart Bulb” lights that last 10 years and communicates with your Android devices


Earlier this week LG announced their new Smart Lamp light bulbs, designed for easy control from a mobile device. It seems that Samsung thought it would be a bright idea to follow with their own light bulb announcement this week as well (sorry… couldn’t resist).

Simply called the “Smart Bulb”, Samsung’s simple looking LED light bulb features a Bluetooth-only design, versus the Wi-Fi only design found on the reasonably popular Phillips Hue series. Samsung says that going with Bluetooth means you can control up to 64 bulbs directly using their smartphone app.

That said, it also means that you’ll need a Zigbee Smart Bulb Bluetooth hub if you wish to control Samsung’s bulbs even when you’re outside of your home or business. It’s also worth noting that LG’s bulbs offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, giving the company a bit of an edge over both Phillips and Samsung.

Besides turning your lights on and off using a smartphone or tablet app, you’ll also be able to dim them to to ten percent power with a color range between warm and cool white. Samsung also promises its bulbs are good for about 15,000 hours or roughly 10 years of “normal usage”. As for the pricing? Samsung has yet to get into the specifics, though we wouldn’t be too surprised if they end up costing similar to the LG Smart Lamp bulbs, which will set consumers back around .

What do you think, are smart bulbs and other forms of smartphone-controlled household objects the future or merely a fad? Interested in bringing your home into the age of automation or not?


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HTC president: Samsung devices are for those that want cheap plastic, HTC aims to deliver more

htc-one-m8-launch-aa-14-of-27 resized

HTC is no stranger when it comes to poking fun at its fiercest competitor. When the Galaxy S5 was first announced, HTC said that “buyers remorse” would be coming soon to GS5 customers and later HTC’s North American president Jason Mackenzie retweeted an image likening the Galaxy S5 to a band-aid.

With the HTC One (M8) now official and already available in select markets, HTC’s confidence (at least publicly) is at an all-time high. This is particularly true when it comes to Mackenzie, who has been talking up the M8 quite a bit recently while doing his best to throw in some jabs at the latest Galaxy S handset.

Speaking in an interview with Business Insider earlier this week, Mackenzie said that HTC was a “company that invests in our customers and delivers a beautifully designed product that you can feel proud of.” Turning to Samsung, he said the firm is simply “focused on investing in advertising”. Mackenzie further went on to say that Samsung uses it’s marketing and advertising to “paint the world blue” and that this is “evident when you look at the product”.

This falls in line with Mackenzie’s previous comments during the HTC press conference earlier this week, where he said that the HTC One M8 experience is “so much better than… throwing a few dimples on the back”. Mackenzie summed up Samsung’s position in the market by pointing out one of the company’s arguably biggest weaknesses: it’s use of plastic.

If you want to buy a product built out of cheap plastic, there’s a solution for you. But we’re going after a different customer, someone who wants the best.
Jason Mackenzie
HTC President of North America

Samsung Galaxy S5 Color Comparison -1160820

Bold words, but can HTC deliver?

With HTC struggling to stay relevant in the Android world as of late, it’s important that they retain a calm, strong front. The big question, however, is whether the HTC One (M8) and other upcoming devices have enough weight to finally give HTC the edge it needs over the competition.

According to Greenbot, in yet another recent interview HTC’s Jason Mackenzie spoke about what HTC is doing differently this year, and how this could finally be their year to shine brightly once again. In the interview, Mackenzie said that if “you look at our 17-year history, we’ve had only one negative quarter. Not many people can communicate that.” He also mentions that HTC is “one of only three smartphone companies that’s been consistently profitable”.

The big question is if the HTC One (M8) has enough weight to finally give HTC the edge it needs over the competition

Of course, HTC has been struggling fiscally for a long while now, even if it’s managed to mostly break even or scrape together a small profit. Regardless of their continued fiscal problems and drop in market/mindshare, Mackenzie seems optimistic that the M8 can turn things around.

The biggest change in strategy, according to Mackenzie, is that they are releasing the handset from day one, while the buzz is fresh. This is in contrast to the original HTC One, which was announced 7 weeks before it arrived to the public. Another major folly with the HTC One (M7) was that it wasn’t launched simultaneously on all major carriers and arrived to Verizon — the U.S. Market’s largest carrier — five months after its initial launch to the public.

It’s true that HTC has handled the M8’s launch much better than it did the original HTC One.The handset also arrives at a time when many Android fans seem to be growing weary of Samsung’s refusal to make major changes in terms of aesthetics and software, which is something that HTC could certainly use to its advantage.

What do you think, does HTC have what it takes to finally become a key player in the Android world once again? Do you prefer HTC’s premium styling and their overall approach, or you do favor Samsung’s products — regardless of the company’s continued use of plastic on its flagship offerings?

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.


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LG G2 and G Flex will be first ‘older’ LG devices to get Knock Code

knock on feature focus-20140308-024-6

LG will be pushing a firmware update to the LG G2 and G Flex starting in April that will bring LG’s innovative Knock Code to the devices. LG made the announcement earlier today, stating that the LG G2 and G Flex would be the first to get the update, implying that others may follow.

LG’s Knock Code is their take on turning on your device and unlocking it on one action. The basic idea is that a user creates a custom code by knocking on the screen. Once set up, the user can then repeat that code on the device with the screen turned off and it will turn the device on, bypassing the Lockscreen. Users can even set up customized codes that navigate to assigned applications.

NFC Ring

We’ve seen other ideas for speeding up the log on process without compromising security. NFC rings are available, and some manufacturers provide NFC Tags or Bluetooth devices that signal to the phone that it is in a ‘safe zone’. We must admit that, although the NFC and Bluetooth solutions help bypass the need for authentication, they do not necessarily turn the device on in the same action. Leading us to anticipate LG’s Knock Code will be a huge hit with consumers.

Making Knock Code accessible to a wider audience is consistent with our direction to differentiate LG mobile devices on the basis of user experience.

LG says they are beginning roll-out of the new firmware in “specific countries,” but do not mention which ones. Android Central has the full press release posted, you can check that out. Details of availability for the firmware release with Knock Code will be announced in the coming weeks. Of course, April is only one week away, let us have it LG.

Are you looking forward to LG’s Knock Code on your older LG device? What is your most innovative way to log in to your device – NFC, Tasker, Bluetooth, geo-fencing… all of the above?


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CallFreeCalls releases the next version of their app for iOS devices

Miami, Florida – Having iOS device means having the best and requests using the best software available. The best is not always the most expensive, yet certainly is the most cost-efficient. Therefore, using CallsFreeCalls tool to call worldwide free is definitely the best solution. The new 3.1 version of iOS app was released recently, offering even more features and benefits.

What does calling worldwide free mean? This means exactly what it seems – any CallsFreeCalls customer can call or text any phone number in more than 140 countries worldwide without spending any money! Sounds too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look.

CallsFreeCalls uses bonuses system for phone payments. Sponsors place their offers and pay some sum of money, which is represented by some amount of bonuses. Customers can earn these bonuses by completing sponsorship offers. Bonuses can later be spent on free calling and texting worldwide. Therefore, customers do not spend their money; they only spend some of their free time.

Really, why not completing some offers while travelling on a train, going home after school on a bus, waiting in a traffic jam or whenever you have some free time? Instead of shooting birds or running between trains you can spend your time earning bonuses for future use and saving your money!

The offers are multiple, the most common are:
* Viewing some ads
* Answering polls and queues
* Downloading different useful and entertaining apps for your iOS device

Sponsors’ list is vast and their offers are updated regularly, so users can earn bonuses the way they want. To say more, CallsFreeCalls regularly holds different events and rewards winners with decent amounts of bonuses. To say even more, internal texting inside CallsFreeCalls network does not even spend bonuses, saving a ton of money for families and companies, friends and colleagues.

What is new in this release?
CallsFreeCalls uses top-notch achievements of communication technologies, allowing their users to stay in touch literally anywhere if there is at least 8Kbit/sec Wi-Fi coverage (other operators require at least 32 or even 64). Therefore, CallsFreeCalls is light years ahead the competition, offering a quality of services other VoIP messenger operators cannot achieve nowadays.

However, there always is room for improvement. One of the most important sources of ideas for development is customers’ feedback. For example, default violet color did not look nice with certain cases of iPhones. After receiving requests to add several color schemes, CallsFreeCalls responded with a revolutionary solution – they made their app fully customizable, so each user can select the color fitting his style best and adjust all other profile settings to their liking!

New release of CallsFreeCalls app for iOS devices provides such features:
* Increased list of sponsorship offers
* Updated partnership window interface
* Improved performance, especially in bad connection areas
* Several minor bug fixes

CallsFreeCalls does their best to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. New updates are to come soon, offering even more convenient and useful features. Stay with us or join us if you are not our customer yet, use multiple benefits our service has to offer and remember: “Together we unite the continents!”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* 33.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
CFC – Free International Calls and SMS Texting via Internet 3.1 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Social Networking category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

CallsFreeCalls 3.1
Download from iTunes
Download from Google Play
YouTube Video

CallsFreeCalls is VoIP Service for making Free International Phone Calls and SMS Texting Online. CallsFreeCalls motto is “Uniting hearts and continents” and the company constantly strives to improve the service even more, to meet and exceed customer’s needs and expectations. Copyright (C) 2014 CallsFreeCalls. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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Google killing Wallet tap-and-pay for pre-KitKat devices starting April 14

Google Wallet card AA

Have you ordered your Google Wallet physical card yet? If you having been using the Wallet tap and pay feature on an Android 4.3 or older device, now might be the time to order up that card. Google has announced that Wallet tap and pay functionality will be turned off for all Android 4.3 and older devices starting April 14, 2014.

All other features of the Wallet app will continue to operate, it is only the tap and pay functionality that is getting cut. We talked about the potential future of NFC on Android 4.4 KitKat a while back, looks like Google is making true on some of that now. The official announcement can be found on the Google Wallet product forum.

Android 4.3 and older NFC enabled devices that support tap and pay use a combination of software and hardware to keep payments secure. A separate chip on your device, or on your SIM card, acts as a secure element ensuring a secured NFC transaction. With Android 4.4 KitKat, Google launched a software solution called host-based card emulation. Host-based card emulation allows the NFC transaction to be secured in between the cpu and an app, such as Wallet, without the extra hardware chip.

Google Wallet tap and pay Host-Based Card Emulation

The host-based card emulation process is only supported on Android 4.4 (and up.) The old secure element function is being shutdown, which will kill tap and pay functionality for all pre-4.4 devices, on April 14, 2014.

The good news is that the transition from hardware dependency to software solution means that if you can get your NFC equipped device updated to KitKat, you should be able to keep tapping your money away. And if that doesn’t work, go ahead and order up your physical Google Wallet card – I know it lacks that cool factor, but at least it is still supported.

Are you a tap and pay user that will be affected by this change – what will you do?


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Mount & Blade PC strategy game arrives for Android, only for Tegra 4 devices


Just a few years back, most mobile games were extremely shallow and featured graphics that were far from what we’d consider attractive. While there are many casual games out there that lack complexity or bring us outdated graphics, these days there are also many games that push the limits both in terms of gameplay and graphics.

Today’s announcement of the Android version of Mount & Blade: Warband brings us a game that fits squarely into the latter of these categories. The game is actually a port of a PC game made by TaleWorlds and originally published by Paradox games back in 2010. Unlike some of the other ‘ports’ we’ve seen (such as Dungeon Keeper), this isn’t a remake or a reimagining of a PC game, and is actually the full version with optimizations that make it play nice on mobile.

If you enjoy strategy games, you’ll certainly want to check out Mount & Blade. Just be warned that it has a relatively sharp learning curve, which is typical of games published by Paradox Interactive. Once you get past this, you’ll find an excellent single-player strategy experience where you can slowly work your way up to conquer the entire fictional world of Calradia.

For those looking for multiplayer, you’ll also be happy to know that there is an action-style battle mode that lets you duke it out against other gamers.

Now for the downside: the game is exclusively available for the Nvidia Shield and select other Tegra 4 powered devices. Considering the Nvidia Tegra 4 hasn’t exactly found a wide level of market penetration, this leaves out quite a few Android gamers from getting into the action. Here’s to hoping this is merely a timed exclusive and that modern Snapdragon CPUs will also soon be able to get in on the action.

If the lack of Qualcomm Snapdragon support didn’t turn you away, you can download the Tegra 4 exclusive from Google Play for .99.


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