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Facebook Messenger will soon be the only way to chat in Facebook

If what’s already happening in Europe comes to pass worldwide, then Facebook users might soon be facing a big, intrusive change. Users in Europe have started to receive warnings that Facebook will soon be requiring its Messenger app to be downloaded and used if they want to keep on chatting with their Facebook contacts.

This move is hardly surprising but probably also poorly timed. Facebook has had for some time a dedicated messaging app that could also tap into your SMS workflow way before Google+ Hangouts even offered that feature. To some, it offered the convenience of not having to go through the rather clunky Facebook app just to chat away. To others, it might be a source of confusion with two separate ways to communicate on Facebook. This upcoming policy will remove that confusion but will probably not reduce ill feelings.

Facebook will soon be requiring the use of its own Messenger app in full, removing the messaging facility from its mobile apps. Theoretically, this will allow it to iterate over the Messenger app independent of the main app. As we’ve seen these past weeks, that might be a good thing. The transition, however, might not be so smooth for those not used to how the Messenger app works. In particular, the Chat Heads feature, which is optional but enabled by default, will need a bit of getting used to.

It is likely that this will not sit well even among Facebook’s own fans who have so far held back from installing the standalone messaging app. The added heat might be something that Facebook could do without after it has already been put under the microscope for its WhatsApp acquisition. Still, this change was inevitable and Facebook users will be left with no choice but to grit their teeth and carry on or call it quits and move on to other pastures.

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Facebook Messenger will soon be the only way to chat in Facebook

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Android Weekly: HTC One (M8), Facebook buys Oculus, Powered by Android, and more

This week in your world of Android: the HTC One (M8) finally launched, rumors of business features coming to Android surfaced, Google Now hit Chrome, Office for Android went free, Facebook bought VR startup Oculus, and news broke that Google mandates OEMs to use “Powered by Android” on boot screens.

These are the essential stories, the summary of an entire week in just a few words. It’s Android Weekly.

HTC One cometh

htc one m8 outdoors aa (11 of 14)

Aaand… it’s here, and not a moment too soon. The new HTC One (M8) launched this week, bringing a refined design, better specs, and a bunch of camera tricks. We took it for a quick spin and came back impressed. Here’s what you need to know about HTC’s latest gem.

Android for Business

Google Logo AA

Google wants to tackle the lucrative enterprise sector with its next big Android update, if one report is to be believed. Advanced encryption, biometrics support, and controlled authentication are some of the features that could make Android a hit with businesses.

Google Now jumps to the desktop

chrome google now

Google Now is one of the most interesting features of Android mobile devices, but starting this week anyone can enjoy it from a Chrome browser. From sports results, to weather, to flight information, Now cards will now show up on your desktop.

Office for Android is now free

Office Mobile for Android

In a historic decision, Microsoft quietly admitted that withholding Office from users of competing mobile platforms was a mistake, and made the Android version of its productivity suite free for home use.

Powered by Android, mandated by Google

htc one m8 powered by android aa (1 of 1)

Both the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One (M8) sport a curious Powered by Android inscription on their bootscreens. Coincidence? We think not. Reports from this week claim Google is mandating this change, probably to increase awareness of Android among users.

Zuck goes virtual

Oculus Rift CES 2014-1

Waves of outrage engulfed the interwebs this week, after Facebook acquired it would drop billion to buy Oculus, the maker of virtual reality headsets. Everybody was pinning their hopes for VR in Oculus, but does Zuck taking over means the end? Probably not.

What was the biggest story in Android this week? Tell us in the comments!


Android Authority

This Facebook Home ad starring Mark Zuckerberg and a screaming goat is hilarious

A new commercial for Facebook Home, starring Mark Zuckerberg himself, has been released, and it’s quite funny. Facebook Home has not been won with universal acclaim by pundits and users, but that’s unlikely to cease Facebook (nor HTC, which makes the first handset running the launcher, dubbed the HTC First ) from promoting it in each possible way. On Thursday, Facebook gave away a free HTC First to each and every member of the target audience of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. We’ve also viewed a Funny or Die-made clip  starring James Van Der Beek that spoofed the Bachelorette show (the One went home with the girl). Facebook is obviously betting on star power to spread the word about Home, and the newest commercial stars some other undisputed celeb, Facebook’s personal founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. check it out.
i like that Zuck isn’t above a little self-deprecating humor, and i have to say it, the ad is quite good. We’ll see if the overall public will drink Facebook’s Kool-Aid. So far, judging by the numerous 1-star reviews on the Google Play store, Home isn’t off to an exceptional start, but we’ll have to wait a little more before we call it a failure or a success. Android Authority
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  • Facebook flirts with new notification bar idea

    facebook logo

    Facebook is keen to experiment with new Android features for its app, and its latest effort comes in the form of a persistent notification bar in the Android notification tray. This isn’t the first time that Facebook has hinted at including a persistent notification icon, the company previously tested out a more plain looking version last year.

    This latest experimental option has only been made available to a limited number of users, and only began testing as of the start of this week. As you can see in the image below, the persistent bar offers up familiar notifications for friend’s requests, new messages, and general notifications for the app.


    For the narcissists out there, the notification also features a persistent profile picture, staring back at you each time you check for updates. The little “i” icon contains options for the notification, including the choice to return to the more traditional notification system.

    There’s no indication that this change is destined for a build fit for every consumer, but perhaps it’s an indication of the type of change that Facebook has planned for the future.


    Android Authority