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Images of the Oppo N1 surface, along with more information on the rear touch panel

oppo n1 leak

After first breaking the news of the Oppo N1 and its new camera technology that is expected to compete against the likes of the Galaxy Camera and the upcoming Sony Honami, the company itself posted a teaser of the imminent arrival of the device and its highly-anticipated feature, a rear touch panel. Today, a couple of images of the smartphone have surfaced online on Weibo, along with a leaked image courtesy of EvLeaks, giving us a look at what to expect.

oppo n1 leak 2

oppo n1 leak 3

As you can see, the images show the white version of the device, with a large display and a slim form factor. It looks like all the navigation buttons are going to be on-screen, and we can also see that there are no buttons on the right side of the device, with the bottom housing the microphone, speaker, microUSB port, and headphone jack.

Of course, it’s a little disappointing that an image of the rear of the device, which is expected to feature the new N-lens 13MP camera and touch panel, aren’t available. But, the company has posted a chart on its Weibo page showcasing some of the capabilities of the touch panel, which include swiping through pages, scrolling, change songs, full camera control, along with other user-defined functions as well.

oppo n1 rear panel

We now know what the Oppo N1 looks like, and at least some of the functionality of the rear touch panel, but we’ll still have to wait to find out exactly what the specifications of the device are. With the Oppo N1 being launched in September, stay tuned as we find out more!

What are your thoughts? What do you think of the design of the Oppo N1? Is the rear touch panel going to be a useful feature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Google files an application with the USPTO for a patent with back panel touch controls

Google logoWhen you think of a touch screen you think of the front display. With that display you interact with your device by swiping up, down, left or right. In the future we may not be using the front display at all to interact with our smartphones or tablets.

Google has filed an application with the USPTO for back panel touch controls on a smartphone and even tablets. The intriguing part about the technology is that it will be able to distinguish contact from holding the device normally and contact intended to control an app or part of the device.

The patent sounds a lot like the PlayStation Vita’s back touch panel, which is in place to free up the front OLED screen. It’s possible that Google could be doing something similar in order to free up screen real estate from a users fingers, but that’s just speculation. If it were to happen though, no doubt Sony would give Google a bit of flak.

Apple filed an application for a similar patent in 2006 for future tablets, before the making of the iPhone, but the USPTO denied it. It’s possible that Google’s application will get denied, or the USPTO may find it unique in that the patent is for a touch panel on the back of an Android smartphone and tablet.

The technology sounds great, especially for a device like the Note 2 with its 5.5-inch screen since some people have trouble using the device with one hand. It seems like it would be very tedious on a device with a smaller form factor though. Besides, what would happen to the back touch panel if you dropped your phone by accident? Again, it’s all speculation at this point, we’ll just have to wait and see what Google ends up doing with this.

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