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Veer arrives at AT&T May 15

Veer_ATT_Black_CardStack_low res AT&T today announced that the HP Veer 4G will be available from AT&T at its stores and online  on May 15. Veer, which AT&T will provide in both black and white versions for.
99 with a two-year contract, is one of many smallest no-compromises smartphones on the market. With AT&T’s 4G speeds, you could upload and download videos, maps, and images quicker than ever, and view them on Veer’s vivid touchscreen. Plus you get all those giant webOS features — simply Type, HP Synergy, easy and quick messaging and email, and the ability to retain multiple apps open immediately and quickly switch back and forth between them. Don’t let Veer’s small size fool you — the flexibility of webOS makes a very good phone experience possible on a smaller Veer_ATT_White_open 2_low res screen, so it packs a punch with loads of available apps from the webOS App Catalog. And new optional AT&T billing makes purchasing apps for Veer even easier.